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52 Fridays | Games :)

One thing we are NEVER short of in our house is games. :) Everything thing we do is a form of play and we like it like that. It makes life fun and learning easy. At the moment we are sitting in a hotel room watching the boys pretend to have a full on restaurant. I love how they got from greeting each other as customers all the way through to paying the bill. Hmm, loving the creativity but I am wondering if we put a lot of value on our real dining experiences… 😉 Declan addresses Cavan as “Service” whether he is the diner or the chef and Cavan is currently out of everything except, “Hamburgers topped with tomatoes, peppers, bacon, salad. Of course fluffy bread and with crabby patty meat and the very latest one is a steak. And the egg salad’is. I also recommend regular salad and for dessert ice cream and pie and waffles and some chicken, cause some people like chicken for dessert. Oh, and corndogs. We do a stick with a tiny bun and we cook it up very hot and it is served with ketchup and mustard. For drinks we have wine and all types of soda and we have juice, all types of juice, and we have water.”
At that point Declan interjects with, “But we’re OUT OF WATER, CAV!”
He responds, by turning to us and exclaiming, “I need more workers!”

Needless to say he is still pacing and listing but I think you get the picture. :)

And here are some actual pictures of us enjoying ourselves and our games at a park. :)

What mom could resist including a storyboard like this….

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5 Responses to “52 Fridays | Games :)”

  1. Mom says:

    Those really made me smile and the restaurant brings back great memorys of how Kareena would do the same thing. Thanks

  2. Heather says:

    Love the pics of you on the swing – so much joy and happiness – what great memories!!!

  3. Shauna Rudolph says:

    I love these!! Looks like such fun!!

  4. Carly says:

    Beauiful shots!! Ileia you are true beauty! Amazing!

  5. Hannah says:

    Love this fridays pictures! they are great!

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